DIY Romantic Blanket Fort

Happy Valentine’s Day love bugs!! This year is a little different from last year since this year I have a boyfriend, Conor! Today I’m going to walk you through a little valentine’s day surprise I planned for him by making him a romantic blanket fort. You can do this for your significant others, your bff, or whoever you love and want to spend this fun day with. I am of the firm standpoint that Valentine’s Day is just a day about love, even if that love isn’t romantic. So if you don’t have a significant other, it really doesn’t matter! Or if you do, it still doesn’t matter! I’m spending the day on Valentine’s Day with my BFF for some galentine’s day love time and the evening with Conor. So, grab some friends and build yourself an awesome, fun fort!!!

my tent


the love tent

I managed to make the entire outside of the tent with only three top sheets, which was pretty awesome. And then I added a cheesy little sign that said ‘The Love Tent’ for a cute decoration on the outside!

building tips

Use Binder Clips

Honestly, these ended up being the best tool I could have asked for when building this tent. I used binder clips to secure the sheets to the couch, other sheets to each other, and the twinkle lights to the top of the tent. It made it so much easier to secure things and know that the tent wouldn’t fall down.

Manage Blanket Use

As I mentioned, I only used three sheets to build the top of the tent. That should be plenty for yours as well. Don’t try to go too big because honestly, the smaller the tent the cozier it will feel! Sheets are perfect for the roof because they’re lightweight, so they’re easy to secure places. Save all of your heavy blankets for the floor. Obviously, you’re sitting on the floor in your tent, so you want it to be soft. I layered every single blanket I owned (keeping one aside for cuddling under) on the floor to make it as soft as I could. In the end, it was probably 5 blankets for comfort. And of course, I added tops of pillows for us to lean against which helped make the tent super comfy as well.

Buy Electric Candles

Candles were definitely something that I wanted to figure out. They’re super romantic, so it’s fun to have them in the tent, but obviously, fire safety is a concern when the tent could come falling down at any moment. I highly recommend getting electric tea light candles. I got three packs of them from Target for only $9 total! They really made it feel special. And if you’re like me and you want some real candles in the tent as well, hide in them cubbies around the tent. I had a small cubby inside of my tv stand and one inside of my bookshelf. Just make sure the real candles are pushed back pretty far and covered by something solid over top of them that way if the sheets were to fall there is no way they could catch on fire.

Get a Serving Tray

If you’re planning on having drinks or food inside the tent, a serving tray is the way to go. I picked up this red one from Target and it was so helpful when we were drinking our wine and eating dinner. Just having a solid place where you know things won’t fall over is a huge help when you’re inside the tent.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 11.15.59 AM.jpg

It’s All In The Details

This is the fun part! Think of some fun details you can add to the tent to make it special. I added a little sign that said ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ as well as got rose pedals to lead up to the tent and decorate the inside of the tent. Twinkle lights make all the difference because you can turn your lamps off and have soft, romantic lighting inside of your tent. And then think about what the person you’re building the tent for would love. For example, I know Conor’s favorite wine is Boom Boom, so I made sure to get a bottle of that for us to enjoy. I also had his favorite movie, The Dark Knight, waiting on the television for him and a homemade dinner waiting for when he got back. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a difference.

Conor reaction was so sweet when he came in and saw what I set up for him (there will be a vlog up soon with his reaction). It honestly gave me so much joy to see him so excited about what I had set up for him. I’m telling you, nothing will give you satisfaction like surprising someone you love with something thoughtful like this. If you try it yourself don’t forget to take some photos and send them to me on twitter or instagram! I can’t wait to see what you create!