CBD Product Round Up

CBD has become an essential part of my routine over the past year. It went from just a trendy thing that I was giving a try to something that I need weekly for tons of different reasons. Today I’m rounding up my five favorite CBD products and, I can’t like, you’re going to hear almost exclusively about Lord Jones. This post isn’t sponsored, I just think they’re the best CBD products on the market and I rely on them heavily. So let’s get into it!



  1. Healing Skin Balm - Cannuka | This is my absolute favorite CBD lotion. It feels incredibly soft when you’re applying it and doesn’t reek of weed like a lot of other CBD products. Great for aches and pains or even just to use as a normal moisturizer.


  1. CBD Gumdrops - Lord Jones | These are amazing! These gummies are all natural, have a high dosage of CBD, and they taste INCREDIBLE. They’re sugary and sweet which helps to naturally raise your mood before the CBD kicks in. Honestly, the only downside of these is that they only come with 9 in a box, so you go through them pretty quickly. Definitely still worth it though!

  2. Lemon Tincture - Lord Jones | This is a really cool product that I was first introduced to by Lord Jones. Basically you put an entire droppers worth of this under your tongue and hold it there for 60 seconds, then swallow. This one tastes super yummy, though the texture is a liiiiittle oil-y which feels weird. But I find this hits faster than the gummies do, so they’re great for a quick fix.


  1. Royal Oil - Lord Jones | I love using this product in a plethora of ways. I mix it in with lotions, serums, and other facial oils, or just apply straight to my face. I love using a small amount of this targeted on break outs too. However, I have to say, this stuff smells like straight up weed. The smell fades super quickly, but when you’re first putting it on, don’t be surprised if you notice a strange smell.

  2. Body Oil Roller - Lord Jones | This has been my go to for aches and pains lately. It works great when my back is feeling tight. It also works as a hangover cure though! When I have a headache I just roll some of this across my head and you can feel the headache fading away. Simply wonderful!