Hello my babes!
And welcome to The Millennial Affair.

The Millennial Affair is my passion project and favorite place to talk about my adventures, favorite products, and what's been happening in my life. I love sharing practical ways to care for yourself, your planet, and the people you love. I always work towards sharing content that is not only entertaining, but informative! I hope you join our family and enjoy what you find here.




What do you use to shoot your content? // All of my photos are either shot on my Canon 80D or my iPhone 10. I shoot my vlog content on my Canon g7x Mark ii.
How do you edit your content? // All my photo editing is done through Lightroom using filters I've created myself. All my videos are edited using Final Cut Pro X.
How long have you been blogging for? // As of writing this FAQ my blog is still a little baby at only one year old!
What is the best way to reach you? // If you're a brand, please feel free to send me an email to jillcimorelliblog@gmail.com. If you're a reader of my blog and have questions or want to just shoot me a note, please use my contact page.
How old are you? // I'm 24 years old.

Want to know more about me?
Check out my 5 Facts About Me post here!


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