What I'm Thankful For This Year

Every year, at Thanksgiving, my family uses the “family cup” that has a bit of wine in it. Each person at the table says what they’re thankful for and takes a sip from the cup. We’ve done this my entire life and on years like this where I don’t get to visit home, its the tradition I miss the most. So many loved ones have drunk from this cup - family, friends, those who are still here with us, and those who aren’t. And since we’ve all drank from the cup it passes on each person’s thankfulness whether they’re with us or not. It’s a tradition that I’m so excited to pass on to my own family someday. So this year, I’m sharing my family cup thankfulness with all of you. What’re you most thankful for this year? Comment down below to let me know and lets spread some good vibes together!

1. My Family // This is obviously the one I’m most thankful for year after year. I would be nowhere without my family’s constant love, support, and encouragement. I have met countless people who aren’t nearly as lucky as I am to have the kind of relationship I have with my family. So this year, and every year, this is always the first and most important thing I’m thankful for. I love you all.
2. Genuine Friendships //
This has been an eye-opening year when it comes to friendships. I have such a solid support system of friends which is crucial since I live 3000 miles away from my family. These people know who they are, so I’m not going to name them here, but obviously, an honorary shout out goes to my best friend Tara for always having my back no matter what.
3. My Safety //
This is a new one I’m adding to this list, but one I’ve become increasingly aware of this year. As tragedies continue to happen all around us I’m increasingly thankful that I haven’t experienced one. I also want to acknowledge the safety I get to experience just for who I was born as, something else I’m increasingly aware of. I hope that we will someday all feel as safe as I am privileged to feel.
4. Travel //
I have traveled more this year than I have in my entire life and for that, I’m beyond grateful. I’ve also loved being able to share all of my trips with you guys here on my blog and on my youtube channel. I’ve gotten to experience so many new places and types of people. I already have a few incredible trips lined up for 2019 and I’m so excited to continue my adventures throughout the world.
5. Every Opportunity //
I have been gifted with so many amazing opportunities this year and they just keep coming. I have been given such an awesome opportunity and responsibility that I have access to enough people to make a difference. On top of that, I get to work with brands and companies that I love and respect. What could be better than that?