What I Want to Accomplish This Year

I wanted to share a few things I want to focus on accomplishing this year. I’m calling these goals, not resolutions since I’m not sure they’ll be able to be accomplished in full in 2019. Instead of putting pressure on them, I’m just going to keep them in mind throughout the year in hopes that they will bring positive change to my life.

1. Eat Healthier

This is at the very top of my list because it will probably be one of the bigger challenges for me. I love my sweets and my carbs. However, my body does not. So I’m definitely trying to focus on creating more healthy and balanced eating habits this year. This does not mean I want to start calorie counting or obsessing over the foods I eat. I just want to make a conscious effort to choose healthier options when they’re available to me.

2. Save More Money

Oof… another one I’m pretty terrible at. I want to really try to pay attention to how much money I’m spending and focus more on my finances this year. I’m going to do my best to avoid impulse buys and booking last minute travel. Instead, I’m going to be more specific with what I spend money on and hopefully try to eat out less… though we’ll see how that goes…

3. Stand Up For Myself More

I’m horrific at this. I hate confrontation. And honestly, I’d rather let someone walk all over me than say something that could cause confrontation. This year I need to learn when it’s the right time to stand up and say something and to not let people take advantage of my kindness. Fingers crossed I can do it!

4. Stop to Smell the Roses

By this I just mean… enjoy where I am in life. Which is hard! I’m always thinking about the next thing I want to accomplish, where I wish my career was, how much money I wish I was making, etc etc. Everyone always wants more. But I want to also be able to sit back and appreciate the life I’ve created for myself as a young adult. It’s hard and confusing and it often feels like I have no clue what I’m doing, but that’s part of the fun I think. And I want to be able to appreciate that more often.

5. Make More Time for Self-Care

I so rarely do this. I’m a very go go go person and I don’t allow much down time for myself. Even when I’m just “chilling at home” that probably means editing a vlog or writing a blog post or answering emails. I want to try to create more time where I’m just relaxing and taking care of myself. That means more face masks, more chick flicks, and probably more bottles of wine!