3 Starbucks Drinks You Should Try


I’ll admit it… I’m a bit of a Starbucks addict. There’s one just paces away from where I live and it makes it just far too easy to get whenever I want. My usual drinks have changed quite a bit throughout the years (anyone around from when I used to only drink black iced teas with 8 pumps of classic? lol), so today I thought I would share my three favorites that have withstood the test of time and that I think are really worth giving a try. I think I hit something for every mood below, so I hope there’s something that catches your eye and inspires you to switch up your order the next time you’re at Starbucks.

Let me know what your go to order is in the comments so I know what I should try next!

Peach Citrus White Tea

What to Order: An iced sweetened peach citrus white tea with no lemonade.
This is my go-to summer drink without fail for years now. Nothing is better or more refreshing in my opinion. It’s peachy and sweet which is so perfect for when the weather gets warmer. I don’t personally like mine with lemonade because I want the peach flavor to be the most predominant in the drink, but I’m sure it’s delicious with the lemonade in it as well.

Vanilla Chai Tea Latte

What to Order: An iced vanilla chai tea latte with non fat milk and sugar free vanilla.
Ooof that order is a mouthful, no wonder my boyfriend hates having to order it for me! But trust me, it’s the way to go. This chai is creamy, delicious, and so satisfying. Skip out on the sugar free vanilla if you want it to be slightly less sweet, but anyone who knows me knows sweet is my middle name!

Medicine Ball

What to Order: A medicine ball
Nice and simple compared to that last order, huh? Medicine balls are the perfect remedy when you’re not feeling well, or even just when it’s a bit chilly outside. They come scorching hot, so prepare for a little bit of a waiting period before it will be comfortable to drink, but aside from that there’s not a thing that I would change about this drink.