Holiday Apartment Tour 2018

Welcome back to my blog, everyone! Tis the season! Today I’m giving you a little tour of how I decorated my apartment for the holidays this year. I’m super proud of how it turned out this year and I hope you guys think it’s awesome too and it gives you some ideas for how you can decorate your home!


My entertainment center is the centerpiece of my living room, so I knew I needed to go big on either side of my tv. So I lined the sides with glittery trees (which I got from Burlington Coat Factory and Nordstrom Rack), as well as a snow globe, because what says Christmas more than that?

Coffee Table / Mini Tree / Pom Poms / Snow Flake Confetti

I wasn’t quite sure how to decorate my coffee table as I like to keep it looking super clean since it’s a shadow box table. I decided to just sprinkle some snowflake confetti and silver pom poms inside to add a subtle touch of Christmas.

White String Lights / White Ribbon

The windows in my apartment are so large that I knew I needed to do something to add some Christmas flare into my apartment, so I decided to line them with white lights, a bit of garland along the top of the windows, and white ribbon bows on either side. The bows were quite the adventure to try to tie to look cute, but they turned out great in the end!

Stockings / Lightbox


Green Leaf Branches / Green Floral Wire

I decided I wanted to DIY a little green garland to go around my circle mirror in my living room. Honestly, this turned out to look so cute that I’ll probably leave this up year round. If you want to make it a bit more christmas-y you could add some little red berry branches into the mix or maybe a ribbon bow! This was the easiest DIY, by the way! All I did was use some floral wire to attach a few branches together. Then I added two pieces of wire coming out from the branch and simply taped them behind my mirror. Easy as that! There’s a video where I make this below if you want to see how it was done.