3 Reasons You Should Go Vote Today


If you follow me on social media it’s no big surprise that this blog post is coming from me. I remember being more than excited to vote for the first time in 2012 and had the pleasure of voting for President Obama. As a citizen, but more importantly, as a woman, I think it is crucial that we exercise our right to vote. Your vote can make a difference. So today I’m sharing three simple reasons why everyone should vote today, but in particular, I’ll be talking to all you young people out there as you voice are more important than ever.

We are the generation that can unify America, but the decisions being made now will affect our generation for years to come, if not forever. So make sure your voice is heard today in the polls.

1. Every Vote Counts // This is a big one. I think it’s a common idea is that we’re just one vote, so it’s just not that important. However, that’s not true. And more importantly, if you do your research, there are many times in history where an election was decided by just a few votes. There are 70 million young people eligible to vote in America right now. Imagine if everyone showed up to the polls the difference we could make. All we have to do is show up. So show up everyone!
2. It’s Easy // No really, it is! There are tons of easy to use resources out there to make sure you go into the polls as an educated voter. My favorite resource I used this year is the SayYay app. After downloading you answer some basic questions about yourself and the app outlines what your ballot will look like, who you’ll be voting between, and information about all the different props on the ballot this year. You can then mark down each that you would like to choose that way when you go into the voting booth you can just whip out your app and have everything you’re voting for already written down and decided. 10 minutes of research and 10 minutes of filling out a ballot will have a much smaller effect on your day than not showing up will have on our world. So go in as an educated voter and we can make a huge difference! Download SayYay here!
3. It Will Affect Your Future // Millennial Women - I’m going to talk to you for this one. Women are completely underrepresented in the government which means we have men making decisions about what happens to our futures and our bodies. I’m not interested in that. You have a chance to put more women at the table where the real work happens. You can help to ensure equal pay and economic advancement for women. Our healthcare is at stake and by taking the time out of your day to vote you will ensure that you did everything you could to help shape the future of this country and where women will stand in it. Don’t let that go to waste.