My Hangover Tool Box

Hungover today? We’ve all been there. Probably more then we’d like to admit. There is no worse feeling than waking up in the morning and knowing that your whole day has been thrown away because of one night out. So today I want to share a few tricks I’ve picked up that help me get through a hangover.

Also - friendly reminder to drink responsibly and that there is no real cure for a hangover. OK LETS DO THIS!

1. Take Advil Before Bed // This is my number one biggest tip for avoiding a hangover all together. I forget where I picked this little tid bit of information up, but I'm eternally grateful to whoever shared this with me. When you get home from your night out take a moment to not only drink a large glass of water, but to also pop an Advil or two. Your hangover is going to start while you're still asleep, so if you take something for it now then it will help to combat your aches and pains before your wake up.
2. Take in extra Vitamin C // So you've woken up the next morning and things are probably worse than you thought they would be. That's when it's time to kick the Vitamin C into overdrive. So take in as much as you can in your favorite way. My favorite is the Airborne Vitamin C tablets in the berry flavor (since I'm not crazy about the taste of orange). Of course you can go with Emergen-C or, the classic option, good ol' OJ.
3. Chug Gatorade // So yeah, we've been talking about a lot of liquids so far, but getting your hydration back through the roof is so important. Obviously water can do the trick for hydration, but Gatorade is a two-for-one because it is a great source of electrolytes. When you drink your body loses a ton of potassium and sodium and the electrolytes in Gatorade can help to restore some of what you lost the night before. (DISCLAIMER: While Gatorade will restore electrolytes, it cannot restore the dignity you lost at the bar)
4. Use a Heating Pad // Ahhh, my heating pad.... my best friend... always there for me when I need it most. I am super reliant on my heating pad for when I have aches and pains and, lets be honest, the worst aches and pains come from hangovers. Applying heat to sore parts of your body will make you feel so much better. Plus, they're just toasty and warm, perfect for spending all day on the couch.
5. Sweat it out, girl // I know the last thing you want to hear when you're hungover is that going to the gym will make you feel better. I hate to be the barer of bad news, but it's true. Sweating can help to release all sorts of toxins that have been stuck in your body from alcohol consumption. And no worries, if you're not feeling up for a workout, hit the sauna. I love going to an infrared sauna after a long night out. I always feel 10x more energized than I did going in.