My Fall Wish List


We're continuing our Fall posts today with my Fall wish list! I wanted to share some ideas for pieces and trends that I'm loving right now and that I'm looking to add into my closet over the new few months. It's so fun imagining what new pieces you could add into your closet and I find it so beneficial when you have a list of things you're looking for. In my opinion, this is the best way to avoid buying pieces that you don't need. If you make a list at the beginning of the season you can focus in on just those pieces and (hopefully) spend less cash.

1. A Teddy Bear Jacket // I definitely loved this trend last fall as well, but I actually never got around to getting one of my own. So since the trend seems to be sticking around for this fall as well, I'm planning on investing in one this year. I have mixed feelings about the price of this one since these tend to be a bit more on the pricey side, but I did notice SheIn carries one for under $40, so I might go for that since I’m not totally sure how much use I’ll get out of it.
2. Textured Sweaters // I cleared out my closet a few months ago and got rid of a ton of the sweaters that I had because they felt outdated. That means I get to bulk up on them again as the weather starts to cool down. I want to focus on lighter weight sweaters (since I live in LA and it doesn't get that cold) with some fun texture in them that makes them a bit more interesting.
3. Cheetah Print Slides // Wow, I never thought I would be lusting over cheetah print, but recently I have been on board with anything cheetah or leopard. I want to start slow though since this is a new print for me and incorporate some cheetah print mules into my wardrobe. I feel like these will be so cute with a pair of skinny jeans and a white tee. Just something a little fun and different to add to my wardrobe.

fall wish list.PNG

Teddy Bear Jacket - Jeans - Sweater

4. Raw Hem Jeans // How cute are these?! There's something so trendy about a pair of ankle jeans that have a raw hem, paired with simple black booties. My ideal pair would have a vintage wash and be high rise (of course). Still on the hunt for the perfect fit, but definitely going to check out Zara to see if I can find a pair I love.
5. Tobacco Knit Beanie // This one may be a bit of a reach for me since I live in such a warm climate, but I have been loving the look of tobacco knit beanies for this fall. There's something so cozy about them and I think I can still get use out of it for when it gets chillier at night.
6. Warm Neutral Colors // So, obviously, this isn't an item, but still for sure on my wish list. I've been so into light pinks this summer, but it's time to step away from those and move more into tans and warm reds and browns. I live for a gorgeous neutral moment and Fall is the perfect time to embrace that. I'll definitely be working towards filling my closet with more neutral for the season.

7. Thigh High Boots // Another trend that has been around for a while that I haven't yet gotten on board with. This is the year though! I definitely want to invest in a pair of black thigh high boots that don't have much of a heel, that way they're comfortable and versatile. I'm sure you've seen these styled a million times over, but I'm most looking forward to styling them with a pair of skinny jeans and with a tshirt dress.
8. New Ear Piercings // I've been talking about getting more ear piercings for so long now. And this Fall I finally want to take the plunge. A few months ago I became obsessed with the look of a super styled ear and started wearing earrings for the first time in years. I'm finally ready to expand on my collection of piercings and line my ears with some fun new bling.

What is number one on your list of pieces that you want to include in your wardrobe this fall? Let me know in the comments section so I can add it to my list too!

Hopefully, this inspires you to expand your fall wardrobe a bit and consider with the changing season where you see your personal style going. It was surprisingly fun coming up with this list, so you should give it a try too!

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