How to Closet Prep for a New Season

It's that time of year where our closets are going to be occupied by less and less summer dresses and more and more bulky jackets. This means it's time for a closet clean out. Today I'm sharing a few simple steps to reorganizing and prepping your closet for the new season.

1. Take everything out // If we just quickly look through our closet it's a lot easier to keep pieces that we don't need. However, if we take the time to remove each piece from the closet and give it a good look over I bet you'll get rid of a ton more pieces. So pull absolutely every piece out of your closet so you can better evaluate each piece. 
2. Create piles // You need three piles to complete this process: keep, get rid of, and I don't know. This will help to keep you focused and organized. Ask yourself if you're still going to like that striped dress by the time it's warm enough to wear it again? Do you still like your winter jacket from last year or are you ready to move on? After you go through each piece take a look at your I don't know pile and make some final decisions about what you'll keep and what you'll get rid of.

3. Time to re-organize // The next thing you'll want to do is load everything back into your closet. I keep my closet organized by category (shirts, dresses, pants, etc) and then by color (lightest to darkest). Once you set your closet up like this you'll become obsessed with keeping it that way. I know I have!
4. Donate what you don't want // The last thing is to get rid of all the clothes you no longer want. My favorite option for this is to donate my clothes. It always makes me feel like I'm doing a bit of good. Another option that I really enjoy is reselling. You can use apps like Poshmark and Depop to resell your clothes and snag some extra cash to invest in your new Fall wardrobe.
5. Re-fill your closet // I suppose the last step would be to invest in some new pieces for the season you're about to enter into. Make a list of 5-10 things that you definitely want for the upcoming season and go hunting for them. I have a whole blog post coming out soon about my wish list for Fall, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

When was the last time you cleaned out your wardrobe? It can feel like a giant and daunting task, but take it step by step! I bet your future self will thank you for putting in the extra effort!

After I spent some time cleaning out and re-organizing my closet I felt so much better! Everything in there was something I definitely wanted to wear, which feels amazing. I highly recommend putting in the time to go through everything and clear out some space for some new goodies.

PS! I also have a lot of this info in video form. Check it out below!