My Favorite Fall Activities

Don't get me wrong, my favorite thing about living in Los Angeles is that it's 80 degrees almost year round. That being said, it can be pretty hard to get into the fall spirit when you have to order your pumpkin spice latte iced because it's too hot out. So my favorite way to get into the fall spirit is to do some fun fall activities!

1. FIND A PUMPKIN PATCH // This is probably the most classic of fall activities and an absolute must do. I love visiting a local pumpkin patch and finding a cute little pumpkin to bring home with me. I personally love buying a pumpkin and carving it, but even just visiting a pumpkin patch and snapping a few pictures is a super fun fall afternoon.
2. TAKE A HAUNTED HAYRIDE // Fall also means Halloween which means it's time to conquer every scary thing you've never wanted to do. I'm one of those weird people who absolutely hates scary things while they're happening, but once they're over I look back and think it was fun. Pretty f-ed up if you ask me. I remember doing my first haunted hayride when I was 15 and begging the people to let me get off. I've come a far way since then, but I still get anxiety just thinking about my friends forcing me to go to horror nights again this year. Wish me luck!
3. GO APPLE PICKING // This one is a super cute date idea I think! You can just hold hands and walk up and down the rows of apples, picking as you go. And afterward, you can go home and make lots of yummy apple treats together like apple pie, apple cider, or caramel apples!
4. RUN AROUND A CORN MAZE // Run around... get lost... all the same thing, right? We did a corn maze last fall and had so much fun finding our way through it! I've also had the displeasure of doing a haunted corn maze before (scary zombies chasing you with chainsaws? not my fav). It's another one of those things that I look back on and think it was fun even though I would never want to do it again. Haunted or normal, this is a super fun group activity.
5. HIT AN AMUSEMENT PARK // I love this idea! My personal favorite amusement park to hit on the reg is Disneyland and Disney is so fun in the fall! They have tons of fun treats and photo ops for the fall season. I also love Horror Nights at Universal. It’s so scary but so fun! If you can find a park with some sort of scary haunted mazes, that’s definitely the move. Really any amusement park will have some sort of fun Fall event going on during September and October though, so pick your favorite, grab your friends, and have an awesome day!


Fall is a super fun time of year and one of those seasons that everyone loves. So don't waste away September and October still wishing it was summer! Instead, bring on the Fall!

Do you like doing scary things during Halloween time? Let me know if you're pro or anti scary down in the comments!