My Trader Joe's Must-Haves

I don't know what you guys are thinking... but I feel like it's been a second since we've chatted about food on her and that's just not going to fly for me. Today I'm running through my Trader Joe's must-haves. I recently got on the Trader Joe's train and I'm honestly embarrassed that it took me this long. But don't worry, I've really made up for lost time.

Let's dig in!

1. Cauliflower Gnocchi // Holy gnocchi you guys, this is the best! Obviously, the best part is that it feels like you're eating pasta, but really you're eating veggies. The cauliflower gnocchi is 75% cauliflower and also has cassava flour, potato starch, extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt. No wheat, sugar, dairy, or eggs are included. They're a little finicky to cook at first, but you'll figure out the right method after a try or two (or watch some tutorials on youtube). This is top of my list for a reason though, so try them!
2. Everything But The Bagel Seasoning // You've probably all heard rants about this from tons of other people already, but man does it live up to its expectations. There is no other way to describe the taste of this than what its name is. And it goes well with everything. I put this on salads, avocado toast, peanut butter rice cakes, sandwiches, pasta... the options are endless.
3. Beefless Ground Beef // This was one of the first vegan products I tried from Trader Joe's and I was blown away. It's unbelievable how much this tastes like ground beef! It comes in a cube and you just throw it in a pan to let it warm up/fall apart so that it looks like ground beef. It comes pre-seasoned, but I still added some chili and garlic powder, just for fun and flavor. I've used this in tacos and a pasta sauce and both were delicious.
4. Seasoned Tofu Cubes // These are my most recent TJ's discovery and my new favorite thing! I need at least three of them in my fridge at all times. I recently started cooking tofu for myself and while it was delicious, it was also a fair amount of work. Enter: seasoned tofu cubes. As the name suggestions, these are pre-seasoned, pre-cooked tofu cubes that come two cubes to the package. The two flavors that I've tried so far are sriracha and teriyaki. As far as the prep on them, all you have to do is cube them up into bite-size pieces and then heat them up in the microwave or on the stove. So within two minutes, you have perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned tofu!
5. Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies // These. Are. No. Joke. If you're into cookie butter this is a must-have treat in your pantry. They are the sweetest and most delicious dessert you'll ever have in your life. When I first discovered these it was a serious problem because I could not stop eating them (so fair warning about that). Probably best to get these if you have better self-control than I do...


Do you shop at Trader Joe's? What is missing from my pantry? Let me know what new goodie I need to try the next time I go grocery shopping!

Those are my five TJ favs. I'm so glad I've gotten on the Trader Joe's train lately and if you're still dragging your feet, I highly recommend you take a ride on the train with me. And add all five of these goodies to your shopping list! I promise they won't disappoint.