My Travel Essentials

Today we're conquering what my favorite travel essentials are! From some of my favorite carry on items to what I like to wear, you can find it all here. In case you don't know, I made a new years resolution to travel once a month this whole year! And I've been doing it so far! So with that, I've become a lot more comfortable with how to travel and what I like to travel with. Oh! And thank you to Athleta for sponsoring this post! I'm such a fan of their brand and it was so fun getting to share some of their pieces with you all.

Now lets get to it!


a light jacket

I always travel with something that's lightweight and easy to throw on. My favorite is this one from Athleta! Not only is it the perfect color that will go with everything, but it's lightweight enough that it's not hard to travel with. It can squish up real small into my carry on if I need it to and It keeps me the exact right temperate. OH! And it's made specifically for travel, so it has a pocket on the inside made specifically for keeping your passport safe and easily accessible. Too cool!

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a good book

I always love traveling with a book. And yes, a lot of the times now we can be on our phones or our plane will have a tv for us, but there are those rare times where those aren't options. And then you're screwed! So I always make sure I have a book with me as a back up or if I decide that's how I want to spend my flight! This one is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Buy The Alchemist here!

slide shoes

I mean, is there anything worse than dealing with complicated shoes when you're trying to go through security? Let me answer that for you... NO! I hate having to deal with anything that is going to slow me down, so slide shoes are always an easy solution to that. These that I'm wearing are from Athleta and they're ultra comfortable! And, PRO TIP! If you're like me and your feet get cold on planes, just bring a pair of socks to throw on once you're at your seat.

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This one probably seems like a given to you guys, but I thought I would throw it in there anyway. Especially in the world of apple where you need different kinds of headphones for different products, it's worth giving an extra thought to. Make sure you have headphones that work with your phone and your laptop that way you don't have to buy the overpriced airport headphones (I've definitely make that mistake before).

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a great carry on

I've definitely found that the power in having a great carry on is beyond important! My requirements for a great carry on are that it can hold all my electronics and goodies I want for the plane and that it can be easily carried either by me or sitting on top of my suitcase. I'm obsessed with this one from Elle Jae Gypset. One of my favorite features is the envelope pocket in the front. It's great for keeping small things (ID, credit card, memory card) that you want to access quickly and keep safe! And bonus! It's made with all vegan leather! Yay!

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When I forget my sunglasses before getting on a plane it is big drama! I love being able to wear sunglasses on planes for so many reasons. It makes sleeping easier if you're like me and you like to knock out as soon as you're on the plane. But most importantly, you don't want to be stuck without a pair of sunglasses behind the person who refuses to close their window, even though the sun is blaring through it. I've definitely been there and it is not fun. So save yourself the trouble and bring sunglasses with you!

Get the glasses I'm wearing here!

outfit ideas


the comfy one

This outfit is the ultimate comfortable plane outfit. I always love to be comfy when I travel on planes that way it's as easy as possible to get comfortable in one of the most uncomfortable situations you'll find yourself in. We already chatted about how much I love my jacket and shoes from Athleta, but I need to talk about this tank top too! It's literally the softest tank top I own. It's so comfortable and stretchy, I just love it!


the cute one

So as you guys can tell, this is a bit more of a fashion forward outfit for traveling, but it's still incredibly comfortable! I think this would be perfect for if you have to hop off the plane and won't have time to get changed before your vacation plans begin. These pants from Athleta are super stretchy and soft and this Athleta tank is lightweight and comfy. I also adore that these pants have such giant pockets, always convinent for when you're traveling.

And that's it for today's post! I want to, again, thank Athleta for sponsoring this post with their awesome products! Make sure you check out the things I featured in today's post as well as all of Athleta's collection.

Leave a comment with what your travel essentials are and what I should make sure to bring with me on my next trip!