Where To Eat in Portland, Oregon

I have to say... Portland is one of the most delicious cities I've ever visited. Every bite of every meal was better than the last. I love food (as I think you all know by now), but I especially love food on vacation. As far as I'm concerned, vacation calories don't count. I think we should all live by that rule!

Now let's get into the good stuff.



Swank Restaurant

First up on our food tour: Swank Restaurant. This stop was actually a happy accident since the restaurant we were trying to go to was closed. So we decided to wander and came across Swank. The decor inside was rustic, welcoming, and perfectly instagrammable (a happy plus).

I was pretty tired from traveling, so I ordered myself a vanilla latte which absolutely hit the spot. It was tasty and just sweet enough without being too overpowering. My mom, however, opted for this bloody mary and we were all blown away by what arrived. This particular bloody mary comes with bacon in it! The presentation was gorgeous and it tasted even better than it looked. 


At Swank, they also bring every table a small plate of these delicious donuts! They're simple, fluffy, and sweet. The tops of each are dusted with powdered sugar and the finishing touch is this creamy citrus drizzle. These were such a pleasant surprise and the whole table fought over who could have the last bite!

For my meal, I ordered the baked egg and it blew my mind. The egg itself was cheesy and fluffy with a complete layer of cheese on top. On the side, it came with a flatbread, topped with an avocado puree and roasted tomatoes. I went ahead and combined all the delicious flavors together by spreading my egg onto the flatbread and making a little open-faced sandwich. Can't go wrong by ordering this one if you're ever in Portland!

Check out Swank here!




If you know me, then you know lunch is my favorite meal of the day and the Rosswood did not disappoint. I actually have a comprehensive review of our dinner at the Rosswood in my last Portland post (check it out here), but I wanted to make sure to included it here as well since we did treat ourselves to lunch at the Rosswood as well.

For lunch at Rosswood, we kept it pretty simple and light. For starters, Mom and I shared some fresh oysters which were perfection. I probably could have eaten a million more of them! And for my meal, I went with the shrimp ceviche on top of a black bean puree. This was the perfect light lunch and their homemade crisps that come on the side are the perfect pairing.

snack time


Cheese & Crack

The perfect mid-afternoon snack - some wine and cheese! I had seen photos of Cheese & Crack all over the internet, so I knew I needed to stop it and give it a try myself.

I mean... look at that plate. Have you ever seen anything more delicious?! This was from their mini snack cheese plate from their happy hour menu, plus a side of cheese curds. These cheese curds were probably some of the best I had ever had and paired with the honey they were perfection. I have to stop writing this part of the post now because my stomach is growling from just looking at these photos!

Oh! And, side note, for my 21+ readers - to drink I just got a glass of their sparkling rose. Delicious!

Check out Cheese & Crack here!

And that about covers my favorite places I ate in Portland! On a side note - I also ate dinner at an awesome Italian restaurant called Lucca. Unfortunately for me, I underestimated how good the food there would be, so I didn't photograph it. However, it is on the vlog, so if you're curious about checking out what food I ate there, you can see it in video form. 

Alrighty! Love you all dearly!