Where I Ate and Drank in San Francisco

Today we’re wrapping up our San Francisco blog posts on my favorite subject… FOOD. San Francisco has no shortage of delicious food and today I’m walking you through all my favorite places I ate on this trip. If you visit San Francisco add these to your list. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

ICYMI: Here are a few of my favorite outfits I wore on this trip!

1. Nama Sushi // This is a staple on our SF trips and typically we eat there at least twice (but more like three or four times). This sushi is incredibly fresh and is priced super reasonably. The staff is friendly and it’s never too busy, so there’s never a wait. Fish is so fresh in the bay area, so I definitely recommend you check out Nama Sushi while you’re visiting.
2. The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen //
This was a new one for us but damn was it good. They specialize in only grilled cheeses and they really nail it. We tried the mac and cheese grilled cheese as well as the lavender pesto grilled cheese. And what would grilled cheese be without tomato soup, so we shared a bowl of that as well. These were seriously delicious and so filling. My favorite was the pesto sandwich! It was so flavorful and really hit the spot for a specialty grilled cheese.
3. Cafe Reveille //
This is another staple of ours for when we’re in San Francisco and it does not disappoint. Not only is it incredibly aesthetically pleasing inside, but it also has amazing food. Last time I went I got a grain bowl which blew my mind. However, my favorite thing was the pesto pasta that Brian got for his lunch, so I think that’s what I’ll pick next time I go.
4. Iza Ramen //
Calling all ramen lovers! This place rocked! This ramen was one of the best I’ve had and was towards the top of my list for best meals in SF. I got their classic Iza Ramen which is made with tons of different broths and is creamy and delicious. Their noodles are also awesome which is my favorite part about a big bowl of ramen. I will definitely be returning to Iza Ramen the next time I’m in San Francisco.
5. Farmerbrown //
Farmerbrown was another new addition to my list, but really exceeded my expectations. I would call Farmerbrown a play on southern comfort foods. Inside is rustic and cozy. I went with the veggie jambalaya and it was one of my favorite things I ate my whole trip. It was super flavorful and helped me get my fill of veggies in for my meal. Oh, and the cornbread they serve is bomb too, so make sure to dive into that as well!
6. Lord George // Into oysters? Then this is the spot for you! I happened upon this place and not only is it adorable and quaint inside, but it also has a buck a shuck happy hour. YES PLEASE! I’ve been obsessed with Oysters as of late and so this was a perfect mid-afternoon snack for me. The oysters were large and meaty as well, so you won’t even get stuck with the cheap stuff. You’ll love it!
7. Coin Up Bar //
This is the only bar we visited while on our trip, but as far as I’m concerned this is the only bar in SF I ever want to go to. Coin Up is a barcade (bar+arcade) style bar that is so much fun. They have tons of classic video games to play and, while we didn’t eat here, their food menu looked pretty awesome. I highly recommend you swing by here for a fun night with your travel buddy.