5 Bingeable TV Shows


Almost every hobby I have ever had has turned into a career (and for that I am very lucky), so I would have to say watching as much tv shows as possible, is probably the closest thing I have to a hobby! Seriously, I love tv. I would rather binge a tv show any day over watching a movie. So today I’m running you through five tv shows that are incredibly easy to binge and that I think you’ll love!

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YOUNGER (hulu)

Younger first drew me in because it combined Hilary Duff (queen of Disney Channel) and Sutton Foster (queen of Broadway), so I knew I had to watch. And it has not disappointed. Season 6 of Younger is about to premiere, but trust me, it’s well worth your time. Plus the episodes are all less than 30 minutes, which, in my mind, makes for the perfect binge-worthy show. If you’re into goofy comedy, a bit of drama, and a lot of relationships, you’ll love this show!

DEAD TO ME (netflix)

I went through this one in two days, but to be honest, it would have only taken one if I didn’t have somewhere to be. There are only 10 episodes, so it’s super easy to get through with each episode landing at just 30 minutes. This crime drama will keep you hooked on what will happen next through every episode. The characters are all likable in their own right and make it very hard to know who you’re meant to be rooting for. Brilliantly written, brilliantly acted, I can’t recommend it enough!


One of my favs and I’m devastated it won’t be coming back for another season! But the first two seasons are still totally binge-worthy. Again, the short episodes mean you’ll fly through each of them, and the story is so fun to watch unfold. It’s funny and sweet and sad all wrapped up into one. Add this amazing cast into the mix and we have a recipe for an awesome show. Still hoping that Netflix will change its mind and bring it back!


I had to throw a reality show in there for all of the reality junkies like me! This show documents women who work for a high-end real estate company who are are constantly competing for the largest commission. It’s a little trashy with some of the drama that unfolds and also fun to see all the giant houses around LA. If you’re looking for something dumb that is almost not worth even paying attention to (aka the best of reality tv), definitely give this one a binge.


There are only two seasons of this show and even though the episodes are a bit longer (45 minutes each), it flies by! I finished season one right before season two was about to start and probably made it through the whole thing in 3 days. Three awesome women committing crimes together and constantly being on the verge of being caught is apparently the perfect recipe for a show. Season 2 just ended, so now is the perfect time to binge both seasons before season 3 comes back next year.