30 Instagram Prompts to keep your page fresh! [Free Download]

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Over the past few years, it seems that Instagram has become the clear leader in social media. Millions of users log in every single day to see what their friends, family, or favorite celebrity are up to. The amount of reach you can gain for your business through social media is insurmountable!

It makes it a powerful tool for anyone, but especially for influencers. Our job is literally to share our lives with people and Instagram is by far the easiest way to do that. However, influencer content can get repetitive so easily. It’s hard to find something that either no one has ever done, or find a way to reinvent what someone else has done. And the challenge never ends. As soon as you have one great idea, you need to have another the next day. It’s why influencer burn out is so prominent. The small pond influencers once lived in has expanded into an ocean where it’s almost impossible to keep up with the current.

That’s why I created this Instagram Prompts Guide. I have turned to guides like this on days where I was having trouble finding inspiration countless times! So I wanted to create my own guide to help inspire you and give you some new, creative ideas for things you can do with your page.

In this guide, you’ll find 15 prompts designed for Instagram Stories and 15 prompts designed for Instagram Captions, though of course the ideas at interchangeable. Each idea will help to set you on the path of something new and creative that you might not have tried on your page before. From fun games you can play with your followers, to more meaningful post ideas, this guide has something that will work for everyone, no matter what their brand is.

As an influencer, it’s a constant challenge to bring something new to the table and keep things fresh on your page, but this guide is here to help! I hope you find it useful!