An Instagram Guide to San Francisco

Whats up guys! 

If you don’t follow me on social media (which I mean… instagram found here) then you may not know that I traveled to San Francisco with my best friend and fellow blogger, Tara! SF is our favorite place for a girls trip and honestly one of the most photogenic cities I’ve ever been to. It seemed the more we explored the more places we found!

Today I wanted to share some of the outfits that I wore while we were visiting San Francisco, as well as some of the places we took photos! We only had a few days and a lot of spots to hit, which meant lugging around tons of outfit changes with us. As annoying as it was, it was so worth it. SO ENJOY!

I want to start with where we stayed in San Fransisco: HotelVIA. This is one of my absolute favorite hotels I’ve ever stayed in for so many reasons. My personal favorite thing about it was the beds. These things are like heaven on earth. We did A LOT of walking around SF and being able to come back and climb into the fluffiest beds in the world was the best treat at the end of the day. The design of the hotel itself is also gorgeous. It’s modern and minimalistic. OH! And there’s a rooftop bar to grab drinks at while enjoying an incredible view. It also is perfectly located. It’s incredible easy to get anywhere from HotelVIA just with a short Uber ride. Not to mention it’s directly across the street from the famous AT&T Park. I can’t wait until my next stay at HotelVIA!

Check out HotelVIA here!

Now, onto the outfits!

bridging the gap


I want to start with one of the most iconic spots San Francisco has to offer: The Golden Gate Bridge. This is a no brainer when it comes to SF. Everyone must go there. And here’s the fun part – there’s TONS of photo spots here. Last time I was in SF, I explored all of the park areas where you can get great photos with the bridge in the background. This time we decided to do something super exciting, and actually walk on the bridge.


This is such a cool location for photos! The only trouble you’ll run into as far as getting cool photos is that it can get pretty crowded, but you can totally work around it. Aaaannddd you might get a few giggles from passers by. BUT so worth it for the amazing photos.

For my outfit I opted for a nice warm sweater (since it was so cold in San Francisco) and a simple pair of jeans. The green in the sweater was a really fun pop of color against the bridge. And of course, my booties. Get used to these shoes – pretty sure you’ll see them in almost every outfit.

feeling peachy


Okay, to be fair, this isn’t technically a photo location. BUT LET ME JUST SAY – one of my favorite things about San Francisco is that you can walk around for five minutes and find so many random, but amazing places to take photos. For example, I walked around the corner from where we got lunch and found this truck! It’s super simple, but still adds some interest to the background of my photo! So I guess my “instagram location” for this part of the post is just to explore and get creative!

This outfit is definitely perfect for a casual lunch, like we had right before this. I always love a jean + tee moment. As simple as it is, it always just looks classic and you barely have to do anything to get this outfit to work. And I love this tee. The pink color is so pretty and understated (great for someone like me who is always a little nervous to wear pink) and the little peaches adds such a playful take to the tee.

a pop of red


On one of our mornings in SF we walked to breakfast and found some really adorable places to take photos in this quiet neighborhood. When we saw these red tables we absolutely knew that we needed some photos here. These were outside of The Market Hall and, even though we didn’t eat there, they didn’t seem to have a problem with us snapping a few photos. The red tables added such a fun pop of color to the gray setting of San Francisco. We also stopped at a little bench on the street along the way to grab a few more pics!


I just love the neutral colors this outfit is serving up. There’s something so simple and cool about an outfit with a lot of neutral colors. And when you add the hat and jacket to the outfit, it adds a muted pop of color and some texture. And, can you believe it?! I’m wearing something other than my black booties! I just couldn’t resist borrowing these tan boots from Tara to help finish off this neutral look.

we love a ladies day

I’m sure you all know this place already — The Painted Ladies! Another iconic San Francisco stop. These houses are so fun to take photos in front of and bring so much life and color into each picture. They’re easily recognizable and easily found. The one tricky part about these is that it is a huge tourist location, so it gets pretty crowded. But as long as you’re patient it shouldn’t be too difficult to get a good spot and snap some shots.

I wanted to wear some fun colors to compliment the bright colors of the houses behind me, so I pulled on this gorgeous sweater from Urban! Paired up with some black skinny jeans, you really can’t go wrong. It add so much life and fun to any photo its in, you won’t be able to get enough. And if you’re nervous about the bagginess, roll up the sleeves like I did. This simple trick can help to add a look of structure to the outfit!

curb kids


I mean… is there anything cooler than a curb photo while you’re visiting a big city? Answer: NO. I knew going into SF that I needed a photo like this and the best part is, it’s the easiest photo ever to get, no matter where you are. Walk outside and more than likely you’ll find a curb. There’s something so cool and casual when it comes to sitting on a curb for a photo. These turned out to be some of my absolutely favorite photos from the whole trip.

I wanted this look to be a little messy and simple, which is why I opted for a tshirt and a messy pony! As I mentioned above, there’s something really effortless about these curb photos, so I wanted my look to reflect that. Plus I love this fun graphic tee from Urban and how it adds a little pop of color to this otherwise color-less photo.


I hope these outfits give you some fun inspo! And these are just a few of my favorites! I’ve shared a bunch of other looks from the trip on my instagram, so make sure to go over there if you want even more outfit and photo location inspiration for your next trip to SF! Oh! And be sure to check out my vlogs from the trip as well. LOVE YA!