Apps Every Blogger Needs

There are endless amounts of apps on my phone, but I have one phat folder of apps I use for my social media and blogging purposes. I could make an endless list, but I've managed to narrow it down to six of my favorites that I think you could seriously benefit from. I'm so glad I've found each of these apps and I hope you find them beneficial as well.


1. Lightroom CC // I'm sure you've, at the least, heard of Lightroom if not played around in it a few times already. But, in case you haven't, Lightroom is a photo editing app from Adobe that has a free app for your phone. It has lots of great features and takes some playing around with to get the hang of, but, once you do, the possibilities are endless. I also love that if you have Lightroom on your computer it automatically syncs photos between the app and your computer. This is a great tool to get the highest quality edits on your photos. Download it here.
2. Spark Post // This is another awesome app from Adobe. Spark Post is great for creating story content for your Instagram. They have tons of built-in features like animating text and hundreds of patterns to choose from to make your story have the exact mood you're looking for. This app is perfect for playful bloggers that are looking for lots of color and variety on their Instagram stories. Download it here.
3. ShopStyle Collective // This is personally my favorite affiliate link website. It's incredibly user-friendly and makes linking products you're loving a profitable business. They have a handy app that I use when I'm doing swipe up links to items I'm wearing or loving right now. If you're looking to get into the affiliate link game I highly recommend trying out ShopStyle Collective. Download it here.
4. Unfold // This is another great resource for creating Instagram stories. Just as I said Spark Post was good for the playful blogger, Unfold is for the more sophisticated and simple blogger. There are a few very basic layouts and everything stays in black and white to keep your stories cohesive and easy on the eyes. This is definitely the story app I use most often nowadays. Download it here.
5. InShot // InShot is a must have for anyone who wants to include screen recordings from their phone on their story. There are a ton of features in the app that, honestly, I haven't explored. I mostly use InShot to crop the red record blob that shows up in video after taking a screen recording on your iPhone. It drives me insane that Apple doesn't have a built in crop feature on videos, but since they don't, InShot has become a staple on my phone. I also use it to edit IGTV videos which I shoot primarily on my iPhone. If you want to do any sort of video editing on your phone, as of now, I think InShot will be your best bet. Download it here.
6. Snug // This is my favorite app that I've found for organizing and planning my Instagram feed. It's significantly more user-friendly than any of the alternatives I've tried and makes arranging and rearranging your Instagram feed pretty painless. Download it here.


What app is missing from this list? Do you have an app you use for blogging that you just can't live without? Let me know in the comments so I can check it out!

I hope all of these apps help your blogging workflow as much as they've helped mine! Don't forget to link your blog down in the comments so I can see what you've been blogging about lately!