My Favorite Bars in Downtown LA


Welcome back to the blog, everyone! Today I’m running you through my five favorite bar in Downtown Los Angeles. These are my go-to stomping grounds that you can find me at all the time. DTLA always has something new to discover, so this list is constantly changing, but these are my current faves.

1. The Rhythm Room

My all-time favorite bar by a mile! It’s so crazy to think that I discovered this bar through some random, terrible date I went on years ago. Rhythm Room is a WWII speakeasy style bar that is underground and honestly a bit hard to find. They don’t have any signs outside that announce that you’ve arrived. There’s simply a staircase that goes underground. A bit weird your first time arriving, but it’s pretty awesome once you’re down there! They have live music over the weekend which is always incredible as well as tons of board games, ping pong, pool, and shuffleboard. It’s the perfect spot to go to hang out with friends for a chill and fun night!

2. The Ace Hotel Rooftop

This has become a new favorite for me and I can’t get enough! The view is gorgeous and it’s incredibly relaxing when you’re up there. I don’t know why, but it always makes me feel like I’m in an episode of The OC. The decor is gorgeous and beachy which is such a pleasant surprise coming from the streets of DTLA. The mixed drinks are a bit overpriced in my opinion, but their beers and ciders are totally reasonable, so it’s 100% possible to go hang out here without breaking the bank. Oh, and they have food! I’ve never had it, but it looks (and smells) incredible every time I’m there, so I’m sure it wouldn’t disappoint.

3. Brack Shop

Another new addition to my list! I went here for the first time just a few months ago and it is a regular in my rotation now. This is another really cool and chill bar that’s great to go to with a group of friends you actually want to be able to have a conversation with. The drinks are reasonably priced and the food doesn’t disappoint. And don’t miss the upstairs area. The stairs are hidden in the back by the restrooms and they lead you to a ping pong table and an N64 system! Such a score. I had my birthday here and it was the perfect place to hang with friends for hours.

4. Cliftons

This used to be a weekly spot for me, but it’s be pumped down the list quite a bit because if you get there any time after 10pm you’re going to be stuck in a line, and for no reason. My guess is, they like the look of having a line because it makes it look like the bar is packed when, in reality, this is a four-story bar and even on it’s busiest nights it’s still pretty roomy. However, this bar is so cool it’s still on my list! Each area has a different theme from a bar vibe, to a tiki bar, to even a 20s swing room! I like this bar because you won’t ever get bored since there’s always something new to see. But make sure you get there early otherwise you’ll spend way too much time waiting in line.

5. Mignon

Ahhh, saving the best for last. Mignon is the cutest little French wine bar you ever did see. It’s super tiny and beyond charming. The staff is friendly and helpful. Honestly, this is the perfect vibe whether it be for a date night or girls night out. Plus, is there anything in the world better than wine and cheese? HELL NO! While you’re there you absolutely have to treat yourself to the grilled cheese with fig jam and maybe even a cheese plate too. May I recommend the midnight moon? Because yum! There’s a little something here for everyone and it’s my favorite place in the world to get a little toasty on wine.