What I Wore to Disney World

What up friends! In case you missed it on all my social media, I recently went to Disney World with my family! It was seeeeriously a blast. I grew up going to Disney World and I have some of my favorite memories there. Seriously, I could tell so many iconic family stories about our trips there. I think I’ll spare you all the stories for now, but I did want to share two of my favorite outfits from my trip.

Dressing for Disney World turned out to be super fun! I loved playing around with which ears I would wear with which outfit. Plus, we got really lucky with pretty moderate weather. It didn’t rain at all and it wasn’t too hot, so I didn’t have to plan for that either.

Lets get to it!

Mickey’s Go To disney world outfitdisney world outfit

This is, by far, my favorite outfit from this trip. And I knew it would be, which is why I also wore it to my favorite park in Disney World, Epcot! It was a slightly cooler day too, so I knew I could get away with wearing jeans without ever being too hot. I found photos of these dope jeans all over pinterest and I knew I needed them. After doing some research, I quickly discovered they’re made by Zara, but were sold out. Luckily for me, through a bit more digging, I found someone reselling them. I couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity to pick up a pair of these beauties.

After I had the jeans, I knew exactly where to go from there. I wanted to keep everything black and white to go with the jeans and even bought a pair of plain Mickey Mouse ears to match! I mean… have you ever seen a cuter Disney World outfit in your life? Let me answer that for you: no.

disney world outfit disney world outfit


Some POPS of Red

disney world outfit disney world outfit

Is there anything more delicious than Disney popcorn? Just the thought of it is making my mouth water. I probably ate 3x my weight just in Disney World popcorn while we were there. Let alone the ice cream and the cookies and the churros. But I digress. In Hollywood Studios they had the cutest popcorn stands and I knew I had to get a photo in front of one.

I definitely opted for a simpler outfit on this day because it was much hotter. I went for a fun pop of red in my tube top and paired it with some simple denim shorts. And to tie in the red, I went with my cute Minnie Mouse baseball cap. There’s something about the color red that just feels right at Disney and I ultimately loved the way this outfit turned out.

disney world outfit disney world outfit


Overall, it was a great trip with my family and I can’t wait until I can find my way back to Disney World again!

xo, Jill


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