A Day in Silverlake: A Guide to the Trendiest Places

So…does this mean we’re hipster…?

Silverlake is one of LA’s trendiest areas and there’s a reason why. The entire city is aesthetically pleasing. Hipsters flock this part of town to socialize, eat great food, and listen to some good music. If this was high school, Silverlake would definitely be like sitting at the cool kids table.

It’s slowly been growing into a dream destination with more and more people flooding the eccentric neighborhood. It’s got everything from trendy cafes, flea markets, and cutting edge fashion. So we’ve put together a little guide to help you have the perfect day in Silverlake.

Let Grub Down

If you haven’t caught on yet, food is probably our favorite thing in the world. So obviously, we have some solid recommendations to help you get through your day in Silverlake with a full stomach.

// LUNCH //

When we’re in Silverlake there is only one place we’re eating, and thats Silverlake Ramen. It’s one of the most popular restaurants in this part of LA. There’s always a massive crowd of people waiting to get in for dinner, so it’s best to go for lunch during weekdays when it’s a bit more chill. People are absolutely obsessed with this ramen bar and we don’t blame them! We love ramen and have tried a bunch of different places in LA but this one takes the top spot. It’s beyond good… like so good we’re probably gonna go right after writing this post… hahaha!

// What We Ordered //

To start off we always order the gyoza! They’re essentially pork-filled dumplings with veggies like cabbage and green onion. It the perfect appetizer to split between 2 people. Not too filling, the ramen itself is plenty to eat! If we decide to opt out of the dumplings we normally go with the spicy tuna on crispy rice. It only comes with two pieces, so it’s not a huge order, but it’s perfect to share with someone.

// Brendan’s Ramen //

I like to stick with the classic Tonkotsu Ramen with chicken, green onion, bean sprouts, and nori (fried seaweed). I also like to splash in some spicy miso to give it a nice little kick. My favorite part is the broth! This ramen shop has some of the best broth we’ve ever had. It’s thick, creamy, and so rich, so come prepared with an empty stomach for this one. It will fill you to the brim!

// Jill’s Ramen //

I normally get the Tonkotsu Ramen. Mine comes with green onion, spinach, bean sprouts, and nori. It’s very simple, but super flavorful. I have to agree with Brendan on this one… the broth is by far the best part of this dish. However, the noodles are also seriously delicious. They’re cooked to perfection and you’ll slurp them up faster than ever.

Silverlake Ramen – 2927 Sunset Blvd

Check out Silverlake Ramen here!


You’re probably gonna be craving some sweets after all that salty broth and we have the perfect spot in mind: Magpie’s Soft Serve Ice Cream! Soft service is super hard to come across in LA and it’s Jill’s favorite, so we definitely had to make a stop here during our day.

This cute and trendy ice cream shop is a hidden gem that only locals tend to know about. What we love about this place over other ice cream shops is that they have such fun and creative flavors. And they’re always changing, coming up with new flavors which makes us want to keep coming back for more. And BONUS POINTS because they have vegan options that are just as creamy as the real thing!

// Jill’s Ice Cream //

I decided to go with the Mexican Hot Chocolate flavor, which is actually one of their vegan options and man, it didn’t disappoint! It was seriously just as creamy as normal ice cream, but without all that dairy. I don’t know how they do it. The chocolate is sweet, without being overly rich. And since it’s mexican hot chocolate, it has some hints of cinnamon which will definitely tickle your taste buds. I paired mine with butterscotch rice crispy which added the perfect crunch! Overall, my fav ice cream spot in LA.


























// Brendan’s Ice Cream //

I decided to get a little crazy with my flavor and went with the Cherry Cola and topped it all off with maple coconut chips and hazelnuts waffers. The waffers were PERFECT. I love having that extra crunch and the fact that it was hazelnut flavored sealed the deal. The Cherry Cola was a little different, but maybe that’s just because Cola isn’t exactly my favorite soda. But still worth it to branch out of my normal cookies-n-cream standard!

Magpie’s – 2660 Griffith Park Blvd

Check out Magpies Soft Serve here!

Let’s Do Something Fun

So now that you have a full stomach, it’s time for some good old fashioned fun! Silverlake has a ton of options for day time activities, but here’s some of our go-to spots!


If you love thrifting or are curious to know what all the hype is about, Sunday’s Best Thrift Shop is a must in this area! We’ve been shopping here for years now and have found so many cool vintage pieces. The owner is so nice and we love seeing her store grow! We always make sure to stop by and see what cool items she has. And she ALWAYS has something cool, for the best prices. No other thrift shop in LA offers unique vintage clothes at such a discounted price. Plus, there’s a super cute cat who you can almost always catch roaming the store… needless to say, this is Jill’s favorite part.


~ Vintage Jacket ~

Here’s one of the items Brendan found! It’s a really cool 90’s crimson windbreaker jacket. Sunday’s Best has the best vintage jacket section. Like seriously, THE best!! Needless to say it was a successful trip, as always.

$35 for a jacket, a polo, a hawaiian button up, and a Harley Davidson T-shirt. Not too shabby!

Sunday’s Best – 1547 W Sunset Blvd

Check out Sunday’s Best here!


If you happen to be in Silverlake on the second Saturday of the month, then that means you’re in luck and you can stop by Silverlake Flea! Located close to the Sunset Junction, this flea market was voted as some of the best shopping in LA. You have to stroll around see all the cool local vendors. You just never know what you’ll find!

We stumbled upon this cool booth called Vintage by Earthling that has vintage clothing/streetwear and we couldn’t help but dig in. It’s owned by a fun, hip duo who really know the vintage world, so we wanted give them a sho tout! Brendan found a 90s Club Monaco abstract shirt for only $10! Major score! They have everything from Mickey Mouse to Nike to Supreme. One of the best booths we’ve been to yet!

Check out their Etsy shop here!

It’s nice to walk around and see what you come across! Of course, Jill found a booth entirely made up of denim cut-off shorts! She was loving every minute of it. The market doesn’t only have clothes, but also works of art, handmade gems, rare vinlys, and all sorts of other random awesomeness! We chatted with the owners of a booth that sold homemade soaps and pottery that were really beautiful! You meet the most interesting people and artists here! We love how unique and diverse this little flea market is and is definitely worth stopping by if you can.

Silverlake Flea – 1511 Micheltorena St.

Your Instagram Photo Op

It wouldn’t be a post on The Millennial Affair without some instagram inspiration, lets be honest! Silverlake is known for it’s amazing public art and graffiti covered walls! Everywhere you look is eye-candy perfect for the gram! One of our favorites is the popular Dallas Clayton “stand here and think about someone you love” wall. You can’t help but be all smiles here! With all the fun colorful shapes and squiggles, it’ll definitely get you feeling good and spread some positive vibes across your feed.

 // Brendan’s Outfit Details //

Shirt // Jeans
Baseball Cap // Necklace

 // Instagram Pro Tip //

Make sure that you’re perfect centered between the two hands on the mural. Also, do your best to get the whole mural in your photo. It’s a little tough because it’s right against a main street and, obviously, safety is most important. But at the right angle it’s definitely possible to get the shot while still standing on the sidewalk.

// Jill’s Outfit Details //

Tube Top // Skirt
Shoes // Choker

3801 Sunset Boulevard

And that’s our ideal day in Silverlake! We hope this helped to inspire you to explore a new section of where you live. Do some digging online about the coolest spots and try to go off the beaten path. You can thank us later!

xo, Jill & Bren

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