10 Top Indie Artists of 2017

Music, music, and more MUSIC!

Hello there everyone! Today we wanted to share with you an ultimate list of our favorite top indie artists on Spotify. I think it’s safe to say that we all LOVE music. There are soooooo many good artists out there, but also a lot of boring and not-so-good music as well. Finding the good stuff can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but don’t fret, we got you guys covered!

Below we’ve added some incredible bands that we’re obsessed with and we think you’ll dig them as well. We’ve also created a Spotify Playlist so be sure to check it out. Get to jammin’ and happy listening!

Our Fav Top Indie Artists:

#1 – Terror Jr.

Any fellow boppers out there? Words can’t describe how much fun this band is. With the debut of their ‘Bop City’ album, this band is taking off, fast. There’s been a ton of hype that the lead singer behind this mysterious crew is Kylie Jenner. The lead singer doesn’t show her face (how very Sia of her). They’re fun and funky and weird and everything in between. Their sound is very “bop”, hence the name of their album. Bop very well might be a new genre of music in the making and Terror Jr. is definitely a pioneer. It takes some getting used to but once you get it, you’re obsessed. Their sound is very Kiarra-esque with more emphasis on the sound.

Fav songs: SugarDeath Wish

#2 – Electric Guest

This indie pop band is on the rise and I hope they don’t plan on slowing down. The past couple weeks they’ve been on non-stop repeat. This two-man group has a really fun and boppy feel with some electro tones. Their songs will make you want to get up and dance no matter where you are. The lead singer’s voice is so smooth and flows really well with the sound of their music. He loves his falsetto!

Fav Songs: Oh DevilBack and Forth

#3 – Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs - top indie artists

Talk about swag! Bishop is a force to be reckon with. She’s edgy and fierce and we love everything about her, even her senese of style. She’s cute and asian but super hipster and cool. GOALS. She loves her riffs and use of deep rhythmic bass. Her songs will make you want to put your hands up and bob your head. There’s an intensity to her songs but with a nice easy balance.

Fav Songs: The Fire, The Way I Do

#4 – BØRNS

This is definitely one of our all-time favorite bands and has been for a while now. We road tripped to Vegas last year to see him at the Cosmopolitan and he never disappoints. His first album debuted in October 2015 and he blew up! With a blend of folk and electro rock, he has talent bursting from the seems. His lyrics are out-of-this-world amazing. Apparently he has an IQ of a genius so it only makes sense. His sound is so vintage and unique and cool, unlike anything we’ve heard in a while.

Fav Songs: The Emotion, Past Lives

#5 – Lostboycrow

Lookout for this trailblazer! With a heavy fascination with the Crow Indians in Montana and passion for music, Lostboycrow was born. With a very unique name, he has completely captured our interest and we’re liking every minute of it. He fuses together R&B with dance music with a layer of pop. His music will make you want to go clubbing and just dance the night away.

Fav Songs: Devil’s in the Backseast, Where It All Goes

#6 – Broods

Straight out of New Zealand, this electro pop brother-sister duo is on the rise. They’ve done a lot of collaborations with some really popular artists like Troy Sivan and Lorde. Playing music together since they were children, music is running in their veins. Their sound is almost haunting but Georgia’s voice is so ethereal, very similar to Ellie Goulding, that it balances out quite nicely.

Fav Songs: Free, We Had Everything

# 7 – A R I Z O N A

What an amazing story behind this band. They started in a small apartment in Boston and here they are, ready to take on the world. Yes, another electro/pop band on our list, but this one is different. They’ve got an innovative and fresh new take on the electro world of musis and push the boundaries of your regular pop band. Very feel good and smooth. Definitely one of those bands you put on while road tripping, windows down and sunroof open. The lead singer’s voice is so rich and sensual, it draws you in and makes you want more.

Fav Songs: Oceans Away, Cross My Mind

# 8 – Eventide

These guys are relatively new to the scene. They’ve got a very smooth R&B essence with an electro flair. Their music is very feel good and pleasant to listen to. The vocals are almost sensual and really draw you in. If you’re having a bad day, put this duo on and just chill. They’ve got that magical touch that resignates within you and makes you want more.

Fav Songs: Rain Check, Green

# 9 – The Lemon Twigs

Get ready to time-hop back to the 70s with The Lemon Twigs. Everything about this band screams Beatles. It’s really refreshing to come across a band with such a vintage, throwback sound. They love to play around with funky elements and retro sound effects. People are responding quite well to their vibe and it’s a nice break from the music we’re all used to listening to.

Fav Songs: Baby, Baby, These Words

# 10 – Zella Day

Last but not least, we’ve got a fierce, psychedellic singer/songwriter that’s rivaling Lana Del Rey and puttig up a good fight at that. To close out this list, we’ve picked Zella Day as our last must-listen-to artist. Another talent starting at a very young age, music has been a part of her life and it shows. She’s got the voice, the lyric creativity, and bohemian edge that sets her apart from her fellow boho counterparts. She’s a free spirit and we can’t wait to hear more of her music.

Fav songs: Man on the Moon, Hypnotic

BOOM! That’s our list guys. The Top 10 Indie Artists that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW. Tell us which artists you like the most and send us any other recommendations that you think we should check out. We’re always looking for great new music so send them our way!

– Brendan and Jill


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