Sundays are for SMORGASBURG LA!

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” -George Bernard ShawSmorgasburg LA

A few weekends ago, I went with one of my close friends and fellow blogger Caitlin to a food festival called SMORGASBURG! If you’re unfamiliar with Smorgasburg, it’s a giant food festival that takes places in Downtown LA every Sunday from 10am to 4pm! It’s a spin-off of the same event that was founded and continues to happen in Brooklyn every Sunday as well. So let’s get into the goods that I got to enjoy!

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// GOA TACO //

Smorgasburg LA

I have to be honest guys… I don’t even know where to begin with this taco because it’s one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. And that is not an exaggeration. At Smorgasburg they offer two different tacos, a slow roasted pork belly taco and a tofu taco. I went for the tofu taco and I was a little nervous because tofu can be super hit or miss with me. However, this did not disappoint. The tofu is prepared perfectly and is incredibly flavorful. Also inside the taco, you’ll find a delicious mushroom pate, crunchy veggies, and peanuts!

BUT the star of the show here isn’t what is inside the taco, but rather what is holding the insides together. The shell of this taco is a paratha. I know, wtf is that? I would describe it myself, but I couldn’t do it better than the way Goa describes it on their website. They say the paratha is the “buttery, flakey lovechild of the tortilla and croissant.” AND THEY’RE RIGHT! This was the most delicious, flaky, and buttery thing I’ve ever tasted. It added an entirely new twist to my taco and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I ate it! I don’t know how I’ll ever convince myself to try anything else the next time I go to Smorgasburg.

// POPDUP+ //Smorgasburg LA

When I saw that POPDUP+ was at Smorgasburg I flipped! I have seen these adorable ‘Happiness Starts Here’ jars everywhere on instagram and have been dying to get my own. So I knew this would be a stop for us while we were there. This was by far the longest line we saw at Smorgasburg (we ate our Goa Tacos while we waited in line), but it was so worth it! And the wait was less than ten minutes, so it was nothing too outrageous.

Smorgasburg LA

I decided to get the Gooseberry Merigold base and then you get to choose what you want your base to be mixed with and I chose the lemonade! This was beyond refreshing and sweet. And it comes with some cute little pedals in the top of the drink! You do have to pay extra for the ‘Happiness Starts Here’ jar, making it a fairly expensive lemonade (actually more expensive than the taco was!), but the jar is yours to keep afterward and I’ve been drinking water out of it every day since. Plus it’s better for the environment to pay a little extra for the glass jar rather than getting the plastic cup. Just a thought if you have the extra pennies to spend!

Smorgasburg LA

// DONUT FRIEND //Smorgasburg LA

Okay guys, time for our graaaand finale: DONUT FRIEND! This vendor wasn’t exactly new to me since I had been to their donut shop in Highland Park before! Donuts are my favorite dessert of all time, so I knew I needed to stop here!  At their shop in Highland Park they offer some seriously creative and seriously delicious donut options. They also have a DIY donut section where you can make your own crazy donut concoction. It’s a blast and I highly recommend heading over there for a sweet treat if you’re ever in the area.

Smorgasburg LA Smorgasburg LA Smorgasburg LA

The Donut Friend at Smorgasburg had fewer options, but they still had a pretty wide range of choices so that everyone can find one they’ll love. I decided to get the X-Ray Speculoos donut and OH. MY. GOD. this donut blew my donut loving mind. This is a raised donut with cookie butter (aka speculoos) inside, topped with chocolate glaze and sea salt. WOW, I KNOW! My mouth is watering just remembering how delicious this donut was! It is super rich though, so I decided to eat half when I got it and save the other half for later. If you ask me, this donut was everything a donut should be.

// WHAT I WORE //Smorgasburg LA

And of course, it wouldn’t be a post on TMA if there wasn’t some outfit inspo in there for you! I definitely wanted an easy and casual look for Smorgasburg. I also knew I wanted something that wasn’t super fitted to my body since I was going to be eating a lot (hehe). That’s why I decided to go with this adorable Levi’s tee with a pair of classic blue jeans, which, ironically enough, aren’t Levi’s. I decided to pull in the red from the Levi’s shirt with this gorgeous red puffer. And what would my outfit be without my classic black booties?

Smorgasburg LA Smorgasburg LA Smorgasburg LA

And that was my Sunday at Smorgasburg!

If you live in LA or NYC, you guys definitely need to check out Smorgasburg on your next free Sunday. Come hungry because there will be so many options, you won’t even know where to begin! They have such a wide range of food options, so there’s definitely something there for everyone. And of course, have your cameras ready because the photo ops are never ending!

xo, Jill



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