Ocean City, New Jersey: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Reliving My Childhood

Whats up guys! Jill here! Back in August I traveled to NJ to hang with my family and friends for a few weeks. While I was there, I managed to get away to my favorite beach town in the whole world, Ocean City, NJ! Today I want to share with you some of my favorite things to do and my favorite places to go while in OC. I have a lot of childhood memories in all of these places and they’re some of my absolute favorite times in my life. So lets do this!






Lets get down to brass tax. Ocean City is a beach town which means the number one most important thing is how freaking amazing this beach is. And it really is! This is by far the nicest beach I’ve ever been to. The sand is beyond soft and the water is so warm. You can also go pretty far into the water without it getting deep. Not to mention the water is (normally) incredibly calm. There will be a few larger waves, but for the most part you can just lay back and float in the gorgeous water.















The beach is obviously the main attraction here in Ocean City. It’s calm and pretty quiet and normally not too crowded. It’s one of those beaches that you can spend hours upon hours on, just moving from napping in the warm sand, to cooling off in the beautiful water. If you’re interested, you can also look into the surf school there. We saw a ton of people taking surf lessons and it looked like a blast. I also know there are places to rent paddle boards and even jet skis!






// LETS EAT //


Hands down, if you’re going to eat anywhere in Ocean City, you’ve got to go to Manco & Manco Pizza. There are three different locations along the boardwalk. One is just a walk up stall where you can grab pizza and bring it home or eat it on the beach along the boardwalk. One is a smaller restaurant and then theres the largest Manco & Manco which has a large eating area in the back. Prepare yourself for crowds, noise, and maybe a bit of a wait because this place is in high demand! But trust me, it will be well worth it.







I stick with the classic, a slice of plain cheese pizza. It’s the perfect cheesy overload. It may not look pretty, but it’ll taste like heaven on earth. And the best part, a plain slice is only $2.50! Which basically means that you can stuff your face without a second thought. In total we got six slices of all different types of pizza and our bill came out to twenty five bucks! Total steal if you ask me.








We all scream for ice cream aka my absolute favorite dessert of all time. In particular, soft serve ice cream. And I can’t help but think that Ocean City made that obsession 10x worse.






That’s because Ocean City is home to the best soft serve EVER. Kohrs ice cream is absolutely the most delicious and creamy ice cream you’ll have in your whole life. There only have three different flavors – vanilla, chocolate, and creamsicle. You can also get chocolate vanilla swirl or creamsicle and vanilla swirl. Aside from that, you can opt in for chocolate jimmies (that’s right, we’re in Jersey which means sprinkles are jimmies), rainbow jimmies, or chocolate dip. Also, if you’re interested, they also have lite ice cream options which are just as creamy and delicious as their normal ice cream.












Ice cream melts pretty fast in the humid Jersey air, so I didn’t manage to get the best photo of my cone, but man was it delicious. I went with a kids size (which as you can see is still pretty big) chocolate ice cream with rainbow jimmies in a cone. I’ll admit, I get that every single time, but gosh, I just can’t help myself. It’s the PERFECT ice cream order. You may not normally be an ice cream person, but I promise you that this is worth the splurge.











I can’t even begin to express how many memories I have at Gillian’s Pier. It’s pronounced with a hard ‘G,’ but while I was growing up we called it Jillian’s, like my name. And so somehow my family still calls its Jillian’s Pier. It’s mostly a joke, but it definitely brings back a lot of wonderful memories. We would spend at least two or three nights in Gillian’s, exploring and riding rides. It’s definitely a hot spot on the boardwalk and you will have a ton of fun, no matter how old you are!



There are a ton of really fun rides at Gillian’s. The biggest attraction is probably the Ferris Wheel. It’s the biggest one on the island and is a ton of fun to go for a nice relaxing ride in. But, beware! It does shut down fairly often because of wind. Since all of the carts on the ferris wheel are free swaying, it’s dangerous to be up that high when it’s too windy. Another crowd favorite is the Musik Express. I feel like this is a classic fair style ride where you just spin around really fast until you feel like you might die AKA it’s a ton of fun! However, the ride I have the most fun memories on is definitely the pirate ship. You know the one… where you swing back and forth super high on a pirate ship. So my family and I would split up, some of us on one side and some on the other and when our side would go up we would “WOOO” as loudly as we could. Strangers would eventually catch on and whoever was ‘woo-ing’ the loudest would win. It’s a silly game, but it’s actually a lot of fun!




So obviously, with every good beach comes an awesome boardwalk, and this one will not disappoint! There are a ton of really fun things to do from shopping to a brand new escape room that opened. And even if you don’t feel like actually doing anything, it’s fun just to walk up and down it while doing some solid people watching.

Shrivers Taffy & Fudge

Shrivers is definitely a must stop on the boardwalk. It’s been open since 1898 and has the best fudge and taffy you’ll find on the island! Don’t let those other places fool you into going there, this is the one! And if taffy or fudge aren’t your thing, there’s a ton of other options. They have lots of different kinds of candy, or you can opt in for a family favorite – the chocolate covered marshmallows. Even if you decide you rather pass on the sweets, still take a stroll around inside. If you go all the way to the back you can watch them making the taffy which is super entertaining!

FUN FACT: These machines are from the 60s and 70s and produce 325 pieces of taffy per minute!

The Surf Mall

This is a discovery I made when I was a bit older, maybe 13 or 14 and staying in Ocean City. It was when I was old enough that my parents would let my friends and I go out on our own and walk the boardwalk. That’s when I came across The Surf Mall, AKA my favorite thing on the boardwalk.






I don’t know exactly how to describe The Surf Mall other than a mish mash really cool things that don’t go together, all in one place. Super clear, right? The walls are lined with posters that are all for sale, they sell clothing and jewelry. And smack dap in the middle is an oxygen bar. So as you can see, it’s pretty random, but it’s a lot of fun to explore and see what you might find! It’s one of those things you need to experience to really get the full affect of it.







I’ve saved the best for last… your best instagram opportunities! You’ve seen them sprinkled throughout the post, but I wanted to make sure to tell you guys my favorite place to take photos and give you some tips about how to get the best shot to spice up your instagram.



The boardwalk is obviously a perfect place to snap some instagram photos! It’s the classic beach feel, so you really can’t go wrong.


Try to go as far down the boardwalk as you can. The crowds will start to clear out a bit and you’ll be able to get better shots. We were a little crunched for time when we were taking pics, so we couldn’t go toooo far down, but if you have the time, venture further than you normally would. Trust me, you’ll get the best photos ever.


Tube Top // Shorts
Sneakers // Choker





We already touched on how fun it is to ride the rides on Gillian’s Pier, but it’s also a dope place to take photos. There’s nothing prettier than some blurry lights in the background of a photo and all the rides provide just that!


If you go in front of a ride that’s currently moving, the lights will look even more blurred in the background which will be super cool. Stand in front of one of the rides that are spinning really quickly for the best effect!


Tube Top // Jeans // Cardigan
Belt // Choker


















And that was my trip to Ocean City!

It’s was nostalgic and wonderful and I’m already counting down the moments until I’m back on my favorite beach again. See you next summer OCNJ!

xo, Jill


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