Exploring The Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes!

“Not all those who wander are lost” – J.R.R. Tolkien

Mesquite Sand Dunes

ALRIGHT! We are BACK with our last roadtrip post: THE MESQUITE FLAT SAND DUNES!

Located in Death Valley just off of Highway 190 sit these incredible sand dunes! We see a lot of people on instagram flocking here and we had to see it for ourselves. What intrigued us about these dunes is that they can reach up to 100 feet tall! I mean how cool is that! And they go on for what feels like forever, an endless sea of mountains made of sand. Talk about the perfect photo opp!

We gave ourselves an hour to venture out thinking it wouldn’t take too long, but ended up spending a little over 2 hours because of how GIANT the dunes are. It can be kind of tiring to explore since there’s so much climbing involved with getting up and down these dunes. But, none the less, it was an incredible sight!

Before you get into this one – make sure you’re caught up on the last three road trip posts: Salvation Mountain, Horseshoe Bend, and Zion National Park!

Mesquite Sand DunesMesquite Sand Dunes

At first, it starts off as a casual stroll through the soft sand which is a great place to snap some pics with the mountaines off in the distance.  It’s absolutely gorgeous. It almost looks like the dunes go on forever. So, for those of you who are just stopping by, this is the perfect spot.

Mesquite Sand DunesMesquite Sand DunesMesquite Sand DunesMesquite Sand Dunes

The deeper you go into the dunes, the higher and more strenuous it gets. We planned to go up some of the bigger dunes, not realizing just how massive they really are. Even the smaller ones were pretty hard to hike up! They seem so much smaller from a distance and are actually much further than they appear. But we pushed through and conquered one of the biggest dunes they had!

Mesquite Sand Dunes Mesquite Sand Dunes

// Jill’s Outfit //

Mesquite Sand DunesMesquite Sand Dunes

I wanted an outfit that looked almost dreamy to go with the gorgeous backdrop of these dunes. Right away, this shirt came to mind. The bell sleeves are such a fun, retro look and when you hold your arms out the wind really plays with the shape of the shirt. I stuck with my basic black skinnies as well as sneakers to go with this look! It’s all about comfort and actually being able to MOVE in this one, so make sure you come prepared for a long hike.

Mesquite Sand Dunes

// Brendan’s Outfit //

Mesquite Sand Dunes Mesquite Sand Dunes

And that was our trip to the amazing MESQUITE FLAT SAND DUNES!

We highly recommend checking this place out. It was a ton of fun and super easy to get to. Death Valley has a ton of places that we didn’t get a chance to explore so hopefully soon we’ll get to go back and see what else it has to offer. Thanks for reading guys!

We also hope you enjoyed following us on our road trip! It was so much fun getting to explore and just see where our days took us. We can’t wait to go on another!

xo, Jill and Bren





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