The 5 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow!

Half the fun of instagram is scrolling through the app and seeing super aesthetic photos and you seriously need these five accounts in your life!

Aesthetic Instagrams To Follow

We don’t know how you guys feel, but instagram is our absolute favorite social media! That’s why we love writing about it on our blog. There’s nothing more fun than taking a beautiful photo and editing it to perfection. By the way, if you didn’t already see our post about how to set up the perfect instagram feed, check it out here!

But aside from perfecting our own feeds, we also love following what other people are up to on instagram. It’s fun to keep an eye on our friends and celebrities we love to see what they’ve been up to. Our real favorite thing though is finding other people and photographers who has absolutely beautiful feeds. There’s nothing better than scrolling through your instagram and seeing a gorgeous photo. So we’ve curated a list of four instagrams we adore and are way underrated. Enjoy!

1. @lordski

Number one on our list is Lord Ski, a gorgeous photography account. The photos on this account have a dark and moody feel to them which we absolutely adore. The way they all blend together in beautiful, warm toned hazed is completely enchanting. Each photo seems to capture something so different from the one before it, all while capturing the essence of the subject of the photo.

Another thing we love about this account is that there are so many different types of people in each photo. From a western family to a happy couple to a beautiful, all natural young woman. Each is so unique and has so much personality, which is exactly why it landed number one our list.

Check out @lordski by clicking here!


2. @grantlegan

Coming in at number two is Grant Legan, an editorial photographer. This instagram has a fairly similar style to Lord Ski’s. His photos are colored in an almost vintage fashion that makes you feel nostalgic. Our favorite photos on this instagram are the portraits of people. It feels like he captures the essence of each person perfectly.

It’s almost as if you can see through the persons eyes and right into their soul. Each photo is incredibly striking and we seriously can’t get enough! You’ll even spot a few people you’ll recognize like our girl crushes Shay Mitchell and Rosie Huntington. That’s right, this guy is no joke and we’re obsessed!

Check out @grantlegan by clicking here!


3. @gypsea_lust

If you have some major wanderlust like we do, then you will be obsessed with this next instagram! Lauren Bullen travels all over the world and takes insane photos as she goes. I’m not kidding, everything she does gives us major chills and major wanderlust. Every time I give her instagram a good scroll I am beyond tempted to just pack up my things and hit the road. Her traveling partner is Jack Morris (who also has an awesome instagram you can check out here) and the two of them go on the most exciting adventures.

The majority of trips they take are to beautiful beaches on beautiful coasts. Personally, beach vacations are some of our favorites! However, you’ll find the occasional safari photos as you scroll through. They recently went on a trip to Kenya where they experienced what seems like some pretty awesome things. The shift from the constant blue oceans is a welcome change and adds a different feel to her instagram which we can’t resist!

Check out @gypsea_lust by clicking here!


4. @davis.hilton

This next one is for all your romantics out there! Davis Hilton is a wedding and elopement photographer, so his entire instagram is filled with adorable couples and beautiful brides. If you’re a bit wedding obsessed (Jill is!) then you’re going to love looking through these. There’s very little out there that’s sweeter than scrolling through your feed and seeing a couple absolutely in love.

You’ll see a ton of different kinds of couples and photos on this page. But each share one very distinct thing. It perfectly captures the couples essence and love. There’s no doubt when you’re scrolling through this feed that each of these couples will live happily ever afters together!

Check out @davis.hilton by clicking here!


5. @rina_takei

Jill insisted this one come in at number 5, so here we are! Rina Takei is a Japanese woman with two of the cutest cats you’ll ever see. There’s Guinness, a black cat who Rina has owned for awhile. And then an adorable orange cat, Pimms, who is the newest addition to the family! Both cats have unique and different personality and looks, but you can always count on finding a cute photo to brighten your day on this account.

You can always catch Guinness and Pimms playing with the window cleaner or playfully wresting with each other. And lets just say these are some of the most photogenic cats we’ve ever seen! They are perfect at posing to capture the most wonderful cat photo you’ve ever seen!

Check out @rina_takei by clicking here!


Phew! There you go!

Five new instagrams to spice up your scrolling needs! We tried to include a couple different types of accounts in here so that we have a little something for everyone. If you guys have an instagram account we need to follow, leave it in a comment down below! We’re always on the hunt for something new! Happy Instagramming!

xo Jill & Bren


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