We don’t think we need to tell you how much fun it is to play around with a new theme for your instagram. Get inspired with our list of our favorite instagram theme ideas!

Instagram Theme Ideas

Are you struggling trying to find the right instagram theme? Instagram theme ideas can be sort of hard to come up with! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

I don’t know about you guys, but we’re absolutely obsessed with taking photos of all the fun and trendy places we go and theres nothing better than finding the perfect photo that will fit perfectly into your theme. BUT, keeping good instagram themes can also be super tedious and if you’ve had the same one for awhile, it can even get a little boring keeping the same one up.

Having a great instagram theme is all about having something that reflects the aesthetic of your life and sometimes that changes depending on what you’re up to! For example, when we’re on a tropical vacation our theme tends to be much more blue than when we’re spending a lot of time in Downtown Los Angeles, when our theme leans more into the greys.

There’s nothing wrong with switching up your theme all the time, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin!

Don’t Worry!

That’s why we’ve created this guide to five instagram feed themes we think are BOMB and exactly how to achieve them using our favorite editing app, VSCO Cam!

The one major tip we want to give when it comes to maintaining a theme is simply building up as many photos as you can when you’re in a spot that reflects what you want your theme to be. That way when you have one of those days where you just don’t get out of the house (we know, netflix is SUPER addicting), then you don’t have to worry! Just upload a pic you already took and you’re good to go!  Now lets do this!

PS- Don’t forget to follow us on our instagrams and to read to the bottom to get a little insight into how we’ve created our themes! BRENDAN// JILL

Let’s get into it!

Pretty in Pink Insta feed theme1. PRETTY IN PINK INSTAGRAM FEED

We think it goes without saying that this theme is for those of you out there that are obsessed with all things pink! The key to maintaining this theme is keeping it simple. Lots of pink popping out among other neutral colors, like tans or whites! I think the photos above are a perfect example of what you should be on the look out for for your theme. A fresh bouquet, a delicious ice cream, and even pictures of the pretty pink you keep in your room are the perfect fit for this theme. And best of all, it hardly takes any editing inside of VSCO Cam! A few adjustments to the filter C3 and you’re good to go!

Dive Deep Blue Insta feed theme 2. DIVE DEEP BLUE INSTAGRAM FEED

Ahhh, a beautiful blue theme, our personal favorite for our own instagrams! If you live in a warm environment with lots of blue skies like we do, then this is definitely the theme for you! Building up photos for this theme is as simple as putting whatever you love up against the backdrop of a beautiful blue sky. Hold up your favorite drink, snack, or book and BAM! You’ve got yourself a collection of photos for your theme. And on those cloudy days, throw on your favorite blue jeans or jean jacket and take a selfie. Just that little pop of blue will do the trick for making your selfie fit into your theme juuuust right!

Cloudy Day Grey Insta feed theme 3. CLOUDY DAY GREY INSTAGRAM FEED

Many a time we’ve come back to a grey theme. If you’re like us and tend to stray from colors it makes this theme a no duh moment. Especially if you’re living in a city, keeping a theme like this is going to be super easy for you. A quick pic of the skyline or looking up at your favorite building is going to be an easy way to grab a picture to post. It’s also super easy to do flat lays with this theme! Lets be honest, you probably own a million grey things that you can put together and snap a pic from above to make the perfect addition to your theme. Add in that you also wear all grey and you’re totally set to have the coolest grey theme ever.

Simply All Color Insta feed theme4. SIMPLY ALL COLOR INSTAGRAM FEED

There is no easier theme to keep up with than a super colorful one! Life is FULL of color which sometimes make’s maintaining a theme that’s based around just one color really tricky. However, if you’re all about color than why sensor yourself. You can snap pics of almost ANYTHING and have them fit into this theme. And don’t be afraid to play around with the amount of saturation you add to each photo. One photo might already be super bright, so you don’t need to add much saturation at all, where as another could be a bit more muted and need that extra boost. Once you have all your photos perfectly saturated and colorful, slap them all together and with almost no effort they’re going to look perfect together!

Sun Kissed Tan Insta feed theme5. SUN KISSED TAN INSTAGRAM FEED

Last, but definitely not least, we have the adored by all tan theme. While the blue theme may be the more obvious choice for summer time, a tan theme can be really easy to achieve too, especially if you get super sun kissed in the warmer weather. This is also a great one for those of you out there who frequent trendy coffee spots. Not only is coffee tan, making it fit into your theme perfectly, lots of trendy coffee shops have repurposed wood tables. Those perfect for your theme, too! Bonus if you have a ton of those tan shades in your wardrobe so you’ll fit right into your feed too!

And there you have it kids! We hope these five instagram feed themes inspire you about uploading on instagram everyday! If you’re struggling trying to find the right theme, these instagram feed tips will save your life! Our instagram’s always grow their fastest when our feeds are on point and we’re posting frequently, so build up your collection of photos that will fit your feed as much as possible.

Download the best instagram theme app, VSCO Cam and also an app where you can check to make sure your photos will all work perfectly together (like UNUM).

Last but not least, make sure to send us photos of your new and improved instagram feed to our twitters! Happy instagramming!

xo Jill & Bren

BONUS! Keep reading to see how we’ve created our current instagram themes!

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My instagram feed has changed a lot recently and I’m so excited to share what inspires my feed and how I edit my photos!

My feed changed after a trip I took to Costa Rica. Before the trip I had a suuuper blue feed, but it was proving impossible to keep up with. I wanted to opt for something that was a bit more versatile and a feed where I could post what I wanted when I wanted without having to worry too much about how it would end up looking. Now my feed has a lot of greens and lighter colors, but mostly just focuses on posting really beautiful photos taken in really beautiful places!

Now let’s talk about how I achieve it! The filter I use is one of my favorites on VSCO cam, 04. From there what I change depends on the photo and what I feel will work best for my feed. In general, here’s what I do:


Exposure: +1 or +2
Clarity: +2
Skintone: -2
Fade: +3


Instagram theme

Blue, blue, and more BLUE.

As you can tell, I like blue. Specifically, nature. I’ve been sticking to my blue theme recently but adding lots of white to keep things bright and appealing. There’s something satisfying about a bright instagram feed, it really grabs your attention. I’ve been playing around with exposure and contrast of my recent pictures to get that “bright” feed. Like Jill said, because we live in socal, the sky is the PERFECT backdrop for nearly all my posts. I’m constantly observing my surroundings like palm trees, the beach, white buildings, graffiti, etc. It really helps to take pictures of everything! You never know when a picture will suddenly look perfect in your feed. Sometimes I go back over 3 months and find a photo that I took and fits great in my feed!

I’ve been using HB1 on VSCO Cam to start off my pics and then adjusting based on what the picture calls for in Snapseed! Typically, this is my process and I adjust depending on the photo.

(VSCO): HB1 | (Snapseed): Brightness: 10-20 | Contrast: 10-20 |Saturation: -10-20 | Ambiance: -15 | Highlights: 5 | Warmth: +-10


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      Its most definitely overwhelming!! But our themes change all the time, so you can always switch it up if one becomes too overwhelming!

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      04 is a filter available for purchase in the VSCO shop! It’s inside of The Legacy Collection! Hope this helps!!

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