An Hour at Horseshoe Bend

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures” -Lovelle Drachman

We’re back with another road trip vlog!

The next day of our road trip was a big driving day because we had to make it all the way from Arizona to Utah! But even though we had a full day of driving, we wanted to make sure we still found a cool spot to stop and we decided on Horseshoe Bend!

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horseshoe bend horseshoe bend horseshoe bendhorseshoe bend

This place was incredible!

We can honestly say this is one of the most spectacular places you’ll ever see in your life and there’s nothing else like it. It’s an absolutely gorgeous sight and we got there right at gold hour, which only made everything more beautiful. The way the sun reflected off of the rocks made them look like they were glowing. Not to mention, it was the perfect time to take photos. We got to play with the sun and get some really cool light flares our shots.

You can also spend quite a bit of time here for just a look out because of how big it is! There’s so many different areas and places to climb up to. Each view is unique and will take your breath away even more than the last.

horseshoe bendhorseshoe bendhorseshoe bend

Horseshoe Bend is a small stream off of the Colorado River that has cut into this mountain in the shape of… you guessed it… a horseshoe! I know, big shocker. There’s a large parking lot for visitors and even bathrooms, so it’s a great pit stop. After you park theres a 10 or 15 minute walk out to the rocks. We should also mention these rocks are ROCKY so make sure you’re in the right shoes. Jill of course was unprepared and went with booties, which made navigating horseshoe bend significantly more difficult. So be smarter than Jill and actually come prepared.

horseshoe bend


As we already mentioned above, I really didn’t plan ahead for how these rocks would be… so not sure if you should follow my exact lead here. It’s also worth mentioning that it was SO cold when we were there, so you might want to bring hats and gloves when you visit, depending on the time of year of course. This jacket is lined if fur, so it keeps me super warm, which was really lucky. I just pair it with a white tee and simple denim jeans. And of course, my booties, which we all know was a mistake. You can shop this outfit at the bottom of this post!

horseshoe bend horseshoe bend

horseshoe bend


Sooooooo with my outfit, I had a little fun with an old denim jacket that I just had sitting in my closet. I was at a random thrift shop and came across a bunch of really fun vintage pins that I thought would look really cool on this jacket. Pins are an awesome way of making any ordinary piece of clothing look 1000% cooler. Plus, as Jill mentioned, it was very cold here in the late evening, so I threw on a vintage sweater that I bought at goodwill for $6, a pair of vintage-washed jeans, and BOOM, a cool edgy unique look!

horseshoe bend horseshoe bend

Overall, this was the perfect pit stop during our day!

And if you’re ever on a road trip, we highly recommend you give this place a stop. It’s a great alternative to The Grand Canyon if you’ve already seen that and want to see something a little different, but still spectacular.

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