An Afternoon with BØRNS!

“Diamond sparrow, my moonlit majesty” – BØRNS

BØRNS Adobe We Don't Care

We need to start with the obvious…

WE LOVE BØRNS SO MUCH!! Actually, our very first trip together was to Vegas, for one night, about two months into our friendship and we drove all the way there to see BØRNS. It was probably the trip that secured the fact that we were going to be friends for a very, very long time!

So when Adobe reached out and asked us if we wanted to go to a BØRNS event at the Peppermint Club in West Hollywood, we responded as quickly as we could with a big, huge YES!! And you’re in luck if you’re a BØRNS fan too because the entire event was filmed and you can watch it OnDemand! Check it out here.

We Don’t Care

BØRNS Adobe We Don't Care

Actually, we do care! We Don’t Care is actually the name of one of BØRNS’ songs from his new album and it’s catchy AF! Give it a listen, you won’t be able to turn it off. And he’s coming out with a new music video for it as well that features some of his fans’ artwork at the background of the video. We know! Such a dope idea! During the event we were able to catch a quick sneak peek of the video (you can see it in the OnDemand link we posted above) and it looks seriously amazing.

BØRNS Adobe We Don't CareAfter BØRNS performed We Don’t Care for all of us, we also got to listen to him speak for about fifteen minutes. He has such an interesting mind and it was so cool listening to him speak about his music, art, and being an artist. He’s like an angel in the flesh! His point of view is so unique and we feel incredible blessed that we got to hear him speak in person.

And we forgot the best part…

There was maybe 40 or 45 people at this event total. AKA it was SUPER small! Though we had seen him perform a couple times before this, we never got to stand so close to the stage. And watching him perform in such an intimate setting was a real treat. It was definitely a magical afternoon and an experience we will never forget.

BØRNS Adobe We Don't CareWe were also lucky enough that after the recording portion of the event was over, he performed a couple extra songs just for us. He is so brilliant live and his voice sounds even better than on his recordings (which is saying a lot because he always sounds amazing). Overall, we were just blown away by this entire event!

// Jill’s Outfit //

BØRNS Adobe We Don't Care BØRNS Adobe We Don't CareI definitely wanted a retro vibe for this event. Not only does it match the Peppermint Club’s vibe, but it also fits BØRNS vibe! I opted for this simple 70s inspired outfit, complete with bell bottoms and a pair of boots. The crop top really modernizes the look though and adds such a flirty feeling to the look overall. Shop the entire look down below!BØRNS Adobe We Don't Care BØRNS Adobe We Don't Care

// Brendan’s Outfit //

BØRNS Adobe We Don't Care

I always wear my favorite go-to outfit that you just can’t go wrong with: a cool denim jacket with my trusty chucks! I wear this jacket like all the time. If you have a denim jacket laying around, throw some fun pins on it and it suddenly comes to life.  Also, lately I’ve been loving the beanie look and when you don’t feel like doing your hair, just toss one on and you’re good to go. Topped off with a cool vintage tee and some faded jeans, you have yourself a cool and hip look, perfect for seeing the one-and-only BØRNS!

BØRNS Adobe We Don't Care BØRNS Adobe We Don't Care

And that was our afternoon with BØRNS!

We have to say a huge thank you to Adobe and BØRNS for letting us be apart of this event! We had such an amazing time and cannot wait until we get to see him perform again soon!

xo, Jill & Bren

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